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$25 early-bird registration by July 29; $30 after!

Pre-registration is required ~ limited to 10 people


On Sunday, August 19, I invite you to invest in some essential “ME Time” ~ let go of your list of to-do’s, free yourself from your responsibilities, release any worries and challenges, whatever those may be, for three serene hours, giving yourself permission to replenish, rebalance, and re-nourish yourself. Allow me to be your guide in practicing the essentials of mindfulness, self-care, and self-compassion at this mini-retreat in my home in Baywood-Los Osos. 

These three hours offer a perfect opportunity to slow yourself wayyyy down in the company of others, while diving deeply into yourself.  Immerse yourself into a morning blended with silence, journaling, stillness, movement, creative expression, contemplative conversation, and more. 

Experience for yourself how mindfulness, when practiced, can be the foundation for greater strength, resilience, health, and happiness. 

Bring your curiosity and open-heart! Leave with rekindled intentions and tools to support your well-being once you return to life as it is. 

Beginners to advanced are welcome!


Sunday, August 19 2018 ~ from 9am to noon

Optional ~ stay afterwards for a walk to Baywood (one block away) for lunch!


Mindful Kindful YOUniversity ~ 1520 4th Street, Los Osos, CA


Anyone over the age of 18 seeking well being for Parents; well being for Educators! Folks from the community!




$25 early-bird registration by July 29; $30 after!

Pre-registration is required ~ limited to 10 people

Fees are non-refundable.

What some previous guests shared:

“I enjoyed learning some new tools to encourage mindfulness through movement- small simple movements that should be easy to remember at home. Quiet meditation with option to spread out really made it easier for everyone to find their comfortable spot. The guided meditation was lovely and left me feeling more aware of how sending love to others can also help myself.” ~ Olivia

“I found it beneficial to set apart a block of time to learn and practice mindfulness. The retreat was relaxing & enjoyable. I liked that different activities were incorporated and we learned how to bring mindfulness into our daily lives.” ~Claudia

“This was a well-planned, well researched presentation. I have heard most of these things before, but not as well organized and at the same time as this was.” ~ Daniel 

“Thanks for taking us through the movement exercises. That is a new addition for me to a mindfulness practice. I also really enjoyed the guided loving kindness meditation. Your home is so welcoming and comfortable- a really great spot for a retreat like this. You created a very accepting and nurturing morning for us. Thank you!!!” ~ Teresa 

View from my living room looking across the “back bay” of Morro Bay, CA!

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May 6, 2018 ~ Be the Stillness Mini-Retreat ~ Los Osos, CA

February 10, 2018 ME Time Mini-Retreat ~  Los Osos, CA

April 30, 2017 ~ Mindfulness Exploration Retreat (ME-Treat) ~  Los Osos, CA

Mindful Moments Tribute ~ My Training Retreat:

This video, “Mindful Moments”,  is dedicated to my amazing Mindful Schools “family” following a retreat at the Earthrise Retreat Center in Petaluma, CA. It holds sacred memories of our two retreats that began and ended our year-long certification journey. This video project is something I wanted to offer from my heart to all the beautiful people who are planting seeds around the globe to contribute to a more mindful, kindful, compassionate world. What a privilege to journey together. Although most of the pics are my photos, other beautiful photos were contributed by other friends at the retreat who also have a mindful eye and heart. Photography has really helped me to see things in a unique way and stay mindful in the moment. It truly brings me joy. There are a few editing glitches but I decided to “let it go”. (Big step for me!) ~ Dee DiGioia