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Yard Sale Fundraiser #2

Our first yard sale fundraiser on June 24 was a great success and yet we still have lots more to clear out so this is going to be round two, and final!  It’s a fundraiser to help with new business start-up costs for “Mindful Kindful YOUniversity” – offering mindfulness programs in our schools and communities, as well as my NEW home studio (for ALL ages!).

We are selling educational materials, games, puzzles, and toys, as well as household goodies, books, skiis, clothing, electronics, and other treasures. Some new items were donated for this upcoming event!!!  DONATION of ITEMS WELCOMED! Contact Dee DiGioia

If you would like to do some spring cleaning and donate items to the yard sale to support MK YOU mindfulness education programs, please let me know in advance! If you have your own yard sale and have leftover items, I would be happy to come pick up before Aug 19! Any unsold items will be donated to a local organization/thrift shop.

Where: 1520 4th St, Los Osos

When: August 19        Time: 8:00 a.m. – 1:00(?)

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Classes for YOUth/Children ~ all ages

1. NOW taking appointments for Dragonfly Academy

INDIVIDUAL Enrichment Program for youth/children of all ages in my Home Studio, Los Osos, CA ~ Go to “Dragonfly Academy” for details


Seeking to launch Mindful Kindful YOUniversity mindfulness programs in pilot classrooms or schools in San Luis Obispo County and Northern Santa Barbara County for the 2017-2018 school year! If you work in or have a child in school, please let your administrators know! ~ Go to “YOUth Services” for more information or Contact Dee.

Also seeking additional locations to teach classes to youth.

Contact Dee for questions, suggestions, or to host a location.


Adult Education Classes

COMING this “Fall” 2017- choose Tuesday or Wednesday evening classes (sign up thru LMUSD Adult Ed and SLCUSD):

Mindful Habits: Your GPS towards Well-Being

COMING this “Fall” 2017- choose Monday or Thursday evening classes (sign up thru LMUSD Adult Ed and SLCUSD): 

Intro to Mindfulness for Parents 


Previous Classes Spring 2017: Mindful YOUniversity 101 Adult Ed Classes (LMUSD Adult Ed)

Additional ways to learn ANYTIME when it’s convenient for YOU:

  • Host a one-time workshop or series of classes in your organization or home. Gather a group of interested educators, parents, friends!
  • I also provide individual or small group coaching/classes in my home studio, Los Osos, CA.  Contact Dee.


Personal Coaching

NOW taking appointments for Personal Coaching!


Retreats for YOU

Coming soon! ~ Mindfulness Exploration Mini-Retreat (ME-Treat) 

POSTPONED TO FALL ~ Mindfulness Exploration Mini-Retreat (ME-Treat) at Talley Vineyards

Watch for additional mini-Mindfulness Exploration “ME-Treats” coming to the Central Coast, CA area!

Contact Dee for questions, suggestions, or to host a location.


Speaking Engagements:

June 12 ~ Dee DiGioia presents “Mindful Leadership”: Guest Speaker at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (CA) Summer Session – Educational Leadership and Administration Coursework: Education, Culture and Learning (must be enrolled in course to attend). A second evening for Cal Poly in Paso Robles date TBA.

July 2017  – Adult School Parenting Program, San Luis Coastal Adult School (must be enrolled in course to attend)

Contact Dee to speak for your organization or to provide suggestions.


“Meetup” for Mindful Educators, Central Coast, CA

The Meetup group Mindful Educators, Central Coast, CA was created for educators and parents in the Central Coast region of CA (San Luis Obispo County and Northern Santa Barbara County) to build community and share knowledge around secular mindfulness in education and is a pilot program of Mindful Schools. This group is open to anyone in school communities invested in positive change for youth. What can you expect from our group? Community: Meet with like-minded secular mindfulness educators doing similar work in your community. Knowledge Sharing: Learn new ways to engage your students’ practice in mindfulness, as well as yours. Keep a pulse on the current field of secular mindfulness in education. Practice: Connect with peers to support your personal mindfulness practice. (No cost) 

Next meetup:

August 6, from 4:00-5:00pm at Spyglass Park (Shell Beach)  ~ more info

Previous Mindful Educators Meetups: (summer no meetups), May 1, April 3, 2017, March 6, 2017 cancelled, Feb 6, 2017, Jan 9, 2017, Nov 28, 2016 



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