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“Nourished by Nature” Mindfulness Adventure

Join me in welcoming Nature’s wonders and wisdom this autumn for


Sunday, Oct 17, 9:30am-12:30pm-ish – Early bird registration and additional discounts *LEARN MORE*



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Parents Helping Parents of SLO is hosting a webinar for Parents & Caregivers of children with special needs

“Roots of Resilience”

Wednesday, Oct 6, 6-7pm

presented by Dee DiGioia ~ Mindful Kindful YOUniversity

While confronted with the unsettling, emotional challenges of life, including during this ongoing pandemic, the greatest gift we can give our loved ones is our presence – our well-nourished, balanced, and healthy presence, like a well-rooted tree that can withstand the storm! Learn simple practices to transform stress into resilience in each moment of life as it unfolds. This is how each of us can contribute to a legacy of healthy, thriving families ~ beginning within ourselves ~ and modeling these essential life skills for our loved ones. Mindful, Kindful, Peaceful.
RSVP for Zoom link: php@ucp-slo.org

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Join Mindful Explorers! *LEARN MORE*

Our Mindful Explorers program nurtures children’s social-emotional development for growing wise minds, compassionate hearts, and peaceful relationships at home, in school, and in life! Join our unique, self-paced journey and discover your inner Superpowers for resilience, happiness, and well-being.

Just $20 $15 monthly >>> JOIN HERE

Discounted rate subject to change. Full access to all the modules for the duration of your membership. One flat rate per family or classroom. Cancel anytime.


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School Programs *LEARN MORE*

Partner with Mindful Kindful YOUniversity in San Luis Obispo County, CA or Virtually anywhere

We’re kicking off the 2021-2022 school year ar Sinsheimer Elementary School (SLCUSD)!

Or check out our self-paced do-it-yourself virtual program, Mindful Explorers. Ask about our teacher discounts!

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Transformational Life Coaching (“TLC“)

for children and families (ages 5-17)

to take you from where you are

to where you want to be with extra Tender, Loving Care!



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