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Join me for an intimate sound bathing experience to fill your well of well-being with some goooood vibrations to bring positive energy, balance and peace to your mind, body, and soul.  *LEARN MORE*

Special events: RETREATS

Mini-retreats for busy people to UNPLUG and to benefit from simple, relaxing, and effective mindfulness-based stress-reduction and essential self-care practices to rest, replenish and restore balance in your nervous system as you renourish your heart, body, and soul. Nature retreats (by the sea or into the forest) // YOUniversity retreats in Los Osos  //  Custom  retreats for organizations  //  Custom Personalized 1:1 (or small group) retreats. *LEARN MORE*
      • none scheduled at this time


Custom workshops, trainings, classes, including custom retreats, for professional and personal development. Learn and practice the essential life skills proven to potentiate well-being, happiness, and success throughout all stages of life. Host a custom workshop in San Luis Obispo county, CA, or anywhere via Zoom. *LEARN MORE*
      • None scheduled at this time. 

Special events: “MINDFUL EXPLORERS”

“Mindful Explorers” is a self-paced year-round virtual program with resources for teachers, parents, & counselors to explore with elementary school-aged children. Thematic social-emotional learning lessons, mindfulness practices, stories, & activities — no-prep, ready-to-go,  and pre-recorded. *LEARN MORE* \
      • None scheduled at this time.