About Retreats

About our Mindfulness Retreats for Resilience and Well-being

Offered year-round in Baywood-Los Osos, CA and various locations in San Luis Obispo County. Visitors to the beautiful central coast of CA are welcome! 

Public and custom private events!

Our mini-mindfulness retreats are typically half-day to full-day get-aways dedicated to practicing nature-based mindfulness and meditation in a supportive environment. The primary goal is to deepen one’s mindfulness practice, reduce stress, and promote personal growth and well-being.

These events take place out in nature in the forest or by the sea and/or in my home in Baywood-Los Osos, CA (San Luis Obispo County). Custom private retreats are also available.

The themes vary but typically include any combination of the following:

These retreats are open to anyone over the age of 18 who is seeking well-being. No prior experience with mindfulness or meditation is necessary—beginners are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join! Simply bring your curiosity and an open heart. You will leave with renewed intentions and inspiration, equipped to respond to life’s ups and downs with grace and skill.

View of Morro Bay and evening sunsets from my home (above)

The science and research is confirming the powerful and transformational benefits of mindfulness, meditation, time spent in silence, and being in nature. 

Practice of Mindfulness:

Participating in a retreat is an opportunity to experience the art of mindful living. Mindfulness is knowing what you’re thinking/feeling/doing while you are thinking/feeling/doing – and not getting carried away by it. Stay with your experience as it unfolds, moment to moment. Practice/do everything in the spirit of mindful meditation, whether it is walking to the bathroom, washing your hands, drinking your water or tea, listening deeply to the sounds around you. Take in all the details around you – look, listen, let go. Notice how you feel ~ breathe it in and become one. Mindfulness is when you are truly there, mind and body together.  Participants are requested to unplug from digital devices to minimize distractions and foster deeper immersion in the mindfulness practice.

Practice in nature:

Many of our retreats are held in serene, natural settings to help participants disconnect from daily distractions and connect with the tranquility of nature. Participants usually have free time for personal reflection, journaling, or simply enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Practice of Silence: 

We’ll be mostly in silence throughout the retreat to encourage inward reflection and deepen the meditation experience. 

      • The body has an opportunity to settle,
      • the mind has an opportunity clear,
      • awareness begins to sharpen,
      • and space begins to open for insight and understanding.

Practice in Solitude:

Although we are together as a group, we are also in solitude. Solitude is not about being alone in a cave and hiding ourselves away from civilization. Real solitude comes from a stable heart that does not get carried away by our sorrows about the past, our worries about the future, and our excitement about the present. We participate together, but we are always within our own island of exploration, as well. It may feel awkward at first to not “socialize”. Give yourself permission to let this be an opportunity to explore your inner terrain in a safe and supportive “container”. Take refuge in your mindful breathing. Coming back to the present moment is to take refuge in the beautiful, serene island within each of us. We can see that the group is our support and it is a reminder of our own source of mindfulness. Returning to mindfulness is to return to your inner sanctuary.

Practice in Sharing:

Throughout the retreat there will be an invitation to reflect & share with the group to provide a sense of community and shared experience.

      • It’s a time to share/report on your experiences… joys… insights… difficulties…  and questions relating to the practice of mindfulness. *Base your sharing on your own experience of the practice rather than about ideas and topics.
      • By learning to speak out about our happiness and our difficulties in the practice, we contribute to the collective insight and understanding of the group.
      • Sharing is an opportunity to benefit from each other’s insights & experiences of the practice. We may realize that many of us share similar experiences.
      • By practicing deep listening while others are speaking, we help create a calm, safe, and receptive environment to those who are sharing. 
      • Sitting, listening and sharing together, we recognize our true connections to one another.
      • Please remember that whatever is shared is confidential. If someone shares about a difficulty he or she is facing, respect that he or she may or may not wish to talk about this individually outside of the sharing time.

Chronic Stress Health Epidemic

According to the World Health Organization, chronic stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century which affects physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being. And when we are impacted, it begins to ripple out and impact our relationships with those around us at home and at work. Although we may not be able to eliminate the stressors in our lives, the good news is that we can learn how to change our relationship to them. Self-care is not selfish, it’s essential!

Guiding YOU:

Cutting-edge research shows that self-compassion is not only a skill anyone can strengthen through practice but also one of the strongest predictors of mental health and wellness. I will be your guide to help you experience for yourself how simple, pragmatic practices of mindfulness, self-care, and self-compassion can be the foundation for greater strength, resilience, health, and happiness.

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