Resonance of Connection: The Gifted Drum’s Journey

Resonance of Connection: The Gifted Drum’s Journey

In the quiet corner of my home sanctuary, where I sat working on Drum Circle outreach, there came a moment that stirred the very essence of “community”.

It began with a simple invitation—an offering of rhythm and connection amidst the stillness in our peaceful neighborhood. Our very first drum circle beckoned (last July ’23), and while most neighbors smiled politely and excused themselves from the unfamiliar gathering, there was one couple who accepted the invitation, if only briefly. They delicately attempted to convey that it wasn’t something they typically engaged in “down in L.A.”, mindful of not causing offense.

So it was a complete surprise when, a year later, a knock on my door, and there was my neighbor carrying a humble yet significant gift—an old drum, weathered by time and rescued from obscurity. 

Our neighbor explained its journey—a salvage from the discard pile, which he rescued, cleaned, and oiled with care in order to share it with me. He spoke of its origins in Oklahoma, perhaps crafted by a renowned Native American artist whose signature was etched on its thick wooden frame. “Perhaps you’ll appreciate this,” he humbly offered.

As I cradled the drum in reverence, its worn spots whispered tales of resilience and quiet dignity. It spoke of journeys taken, of voices silenced, and of a longing to be heard once more. In that moment, the drum ceased to be a mere instrument; it became a vessel of stories, a conduit for healing.

At our recent drumming gathering, surrounded by the rhythmic heartbeat of friends and strangers alike, I shared its tale. With each beat, I wove a narrative of empathy and understanding—a testament to the strength found in unity and the healing power of shared expression.


“We’ve all been ‘down in the dumps,'” I explained, my heart carrying the weight of shared experience. “Or perhaps you have also felt times when you didn’t have a voice. That no one wants to hear what you have to say. But here, within this drum and within each of us, lies a voice waiting to be heard. Let us embrace its story, its spirit, and come together in compassion for those facing their own trials.”

And so we listened to the steady rhythm and welcomed the drum into our circle. Its voice resonated, carrying with it the echoes of resilience and the promise of renewal. In its still sturdy frame and its weathered, timeworn hide, we found a reflection of our own journeys—a reminder that even amidst adversity, there is beauty and strength waiting to be uncovered.

“The drumbeat voices our connection to all creation. When we drum together it strengthens our connection to each other. The rhythm of creation is the harmony of humanity, and where there is harmony there is peace.” (-“from The Grandmother Drum”)

In deepest gratitude, we drummed. Not just for ourselves, but for all who seek solace and connection. For in the heartbeat of community, we find the courage to heal, to uplift, and to honor the voices that too often go unheard.

~Dee DiGioia, “Joyful Rhythms” Drum Circles

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Dee DiGioia, founder of Mindful Kindful YOUniversity in Baywood-Los Osos, is a dedicated practitioner and guide in mindfulness, sound healing, and life skills for well-being through nature connectedness. Her expertise as a Drum Circle Facilitator has been honed through extensive training, including programs such as “Rhythm 2 Recovery” with Summer Lall, “Drum Leadership Training” with Jim Donovan, and Arthur Hull of “Village Music Circles”, a pioneer in drum facilitation. Continually advancing her skills in drumming and sound healing, Dee recently transitioned from a full-time role in special education to fully concentrate on expanding her outreach and services promoting health and well-being across San Luis Obispo County.


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