What & Why of Forest Retreats

The What & Why of Forest Retreats

Let nature be your teacher and resource as you connect your “time out” in the forest to discoveries of your “time in” to yourself. I would be honored to be your guide in practicing the essentials of mindfulness, self-care, and nature connectedness through a unique mindfulness, meandering, and meditation experience called “Shinrin Yoku” or “forest bathing” ~ attuning deeply with nature through all of your senses amongst the supportive network of trees. Make this the year your “well” of well-being remains full! 

These are generally for anyone over the age of 18 seeking well being, however mature teens are welcome to share the experience with a parent/guardian. No experience with mindfulness or meditation is necessary. “Beginners” are welcome and encouraged! Simply attend with your curiosity and an open-heart. Leave with rekindled intentions and inspiration to positively support you when responding to life as it is — the good stuff, the tough stuff, all of it — with grace and skill.

Each forest mini-retreat will have its own special “activities”, however, the following information will help you know what you can expect in general: 

What happens when we blend nature with mindfulness?

Magic! Being in nature is not the same as connecting to nature. Experience the magic for yourself through meaningful, purposeful, sensory exploration and activities to engage the mind, the body, and heart to discover deeper connections to your own inner nature, to one another, and find more meaning, enjoyment, and peace in daily life through the “Pathways to Nature Connectedness for Well-being.”  The pathways include engaging and connecting with your senses and emotions, receiving and expressing beauty, and reflecting on meaning and compassion. By deepening your connection with nature, you are enhancing your personal well-being and psychological resilience, like tiny seeds planted in the soil awaiting the right conditions to emerge.

A wide array of research studies on being in “green space” (parks, forest areas), in nature, nature connectedness, forest bathing, and mindfulness repeatedly documents positive outcomes to support our psychological and physical well-being: reduces stress, anxiety, depression and anger, while boosting positive emotions, strengthens the immune system, improves sleep, improves cardiovascular health and lowers blood pressure, regulates digestion and hormone levels, improves focus and creativity, and more!

Forest Bathing and the Trees

Shinrin Yoku (“forest bathing”) is a form of ecotherapy in the forest or in any nature setting. “It is the practice of immersing yourself in nature in a mindful way, using your senses to derive a whole range of benefits for your physical, mental, emotional, and social health. ‘Shinrin’ means forest and ‘Yoku’ stands for bathing. The idea took birth in Japan in the 1980’s and proved to be a very effective tool to overcome the ill effects of a hectic life and stressful work environment.” (from “Healing Forest”)

The energy that trees transmit has the ability to affect your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of energy.

The energy of trees is slower, deeper, and more concentrated than some other living things. By coming into contact with a tree, you can pick up on its vibrations both consciously and subconsciously. By resonating with the tree’s energy, you become more centered and grounded. It can be said that trees give off the energy vibe of safety, security, and stability and have the ability to positively affect your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of energy. 

Join me and be prepared to slow yourself wayyyy down in the company of others and the trees, while diving deeply into yourself. Retreat will include deep relaxation through nature connectedness (group and solo time), journaling & eco-art (optional), tea ceremony & light snacks! The energy that trees transmit has the ability to affect your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of energy. Experience for yourself how mindfulness and nature can nourish you and provide a foundation for greater resilience, health, and happiness.

Come curious… get connected… leave renourished! Repeat!


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