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Dee DiGioia, founder of “Mindful Kindful YOUniversity” and formerly “Caring and Courageous Kids” (bullying intervention), offers professional and personal development workshops, trainings, and classes to adults and youth because no one should feel alone or unskilled when life feels overwhelming at home/school/work. Learn how to change your relationship to stress; learn the what/why/how of mindfulness; improve focus, raise peak performance, improve interpersonal relationships, and set your intentions for experiencing greater over-all well-being in your life at home, school, work, or in the community.  Support the well-being of your staff with a mini-retreat!

Typically I offer a workshop entitled: “Breaking Up With Stress: Mindfulness Essentials”, customized to your organizations/groups needs and interests, and can address special interest topics as well. This workshop has been presented to teachers, to high school students, to corporate level work environments, and to a variety of organizations in our community.


Available for any group ~ the ideas are limitless!




Provided at your site, in your homes, in a community meeting spot, anywhere ~ or I may have a location to use. Just ask!


Custom schedule to meet your group’s needs. Options:

  • One time, a few times, a series
    • If a series > Once a week, once a month, once quarterly or annually!
  • One hour, a few hours, half day, full day


All services can be customized to meet your schedule, budget, or needs.  

What are people saying?

“It’s my pleasure to recommend Dee DiGioia. I have experienced Dee and the Mindful Kindful Youniversity classes as both a parent and a professional. I was so impressed by the class given by Dee at my son’s elementary school, that I knew there was a place for it in my workplace as well. I contacted Dee about hosting a Professional Workshop on mindfulness at the company I currently lead. It is a very successful software company that runs in a very high- paced and high stress environment. I was sure mindfulness practices could benefit all of our staff. Dee and I worked closely on coming up with a customized workshop that was reflective of our current environment and would be well received by our team. She conducted a one-day seminar titled “How to Break Up with Stress: Mindfulness 101” in two separate groups throughout the day.

My staff and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and materials presented by Dee. She came very well prepared and had all of the materials and resources available to ensure the class ran smoothly yet also conducive and personal to the philosophies she was speaking on. I truly see that Dee and the practice of teaching mindfulness in the workplace is a valuable asset to absolutely any workplace.

I found Dee to be helpful, flexible, relatable, and incredibly passionate and willing to share her knowledge on any level that suits the environment. Beyond that, I was impressed by her knowledge of the research based facts on mindfulness and her Certifications as a Mindfulness & Life-Skills Coach. Her expertise and education in these areas were a huge advantage to our entire office. Dee has clearly put this skillset and passion to work in order to better the health and well-being of all she instructs. 

I can already attest to the benefits and impacts that these workshops have had on both myself personally and the professional staff I manage.” 

~Kristen McKiernan President AccuZIP, Inc., Atascadero CA

“If administration can see mindfulness as a priority for all staff, this would allow for staff to have the time needed to learn it and apply it to students and self. Mindfulness would probably increase staff retention and help newer teachers get through the difficult early years of their career more easily.” ~ Julia Ingber-Chang, School Psychologist at Sac High

“Dee visited my high school students today and made an amazing connection with them.  I have guest speakers in my CTE classes quite often, but she engaged the students in a way that none of my prior guests have done.  Dee’s presentation on Mindfulness was very well-prepared and engaging for the students, and full of visuals and interactions that connected perfectly with the students.  While brief enough to fit into a class period, it was just the right amount of knowledge to pique the students’ interests towards a practice that can benefit them (and anybody) tremendously.  We know that our students are exposed to numerous stressors at school and at home, but we do very little as a school to address this, or to give them the tools they need to deal with these stressors.  From Dee’s presentation, it is clear that the practice of Mindfulness is a much needed tool for our students and staff alike.  Kudos to Dee for her effort to help these students and others that she is reaching through “Mindful Kindful YOUniversity.”  While mindfulness can sometimes be a difficult practice for the beginner, Dee’s approach was interesting and easy enough for the students to grasp.  I highly recommend that other schools and organizations consider her mindfulness program.  As a teacher she is very much in touch with the challenges that students and others face in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society.” ~ Kurt Lindgren, Nipomo High School Teacher

“I loved the science and research behind mindfulness. I can currently think of 6 students who need this! I love this.” ~ Amber W, Shell Beach Elementary Teacher

“Dee recently introduced mindfulness to our corps members and the response and participation were extremely positive. Many were excited to learn better coping skills and strengthen resiliency. They asked so many questions and wished she could return again soon!” ~ Natalie Lambert, Education Coordinator, Los Padres Center, California Conservation Corps

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Workshop for the California Conservation Corps during “The Heart of Mindfulness for Youth Week” Nov 2017


Upcoming Workshops:

November 2018 ~ Nipomo HIgh School, classroom workshops for The Heart of Mindfulness for Youth Week 

November 2018 ~ CAPSLO, Private Staff Development

RECENT workshops:

November 2018 ~ One Cool Earth, SLO, Private Staff Development Workshop
September 2018 ~ Accuzip, Atascadero, Private Workshop on Reducing Workplace Stress
February 2018 ~ Private Workshop for a Book Club for moms and their 6 year old daughters – Topic Mindfulness + Bullying
March 2018 ~ private workshop in San Luis Obispo is for a local chapter of RESOLVE, an infertility support group, to introduce mindfulness as a means to positively impact and support you in responding to life as it is — the good stuff, the tough stuff, all of it — with grace and skill.
December 2017 ~ Shell Beach Elementary, Staff Development
November 2017 ~ Series of free workshops for The Heart of Mindfulness for Youth Week  at Omni Yoga, Bellevue sante Fe Charter School, Parents Helping Parents in SLO, Nipomo High School, California Conservation Corps.
June 12 2017 ~ “Mindful Leadership”: Guest Speaker at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (CA) Summer Session – Educational Leadership and Administration Coursework: Education, Culture and Learning (must be enrolled in course to attend).
July 2017  – Adult School Parenting Program, San Luis Coastal Adult School ~ Guest speaker
Prior to 2017 I have done public speaking for 3 National Conferences on Bullying; presentations for international organizations such as Kiwanis and Rotary, and presented numerous professional development trainings in the school setting on topics including mindfulness, stress reduction, bullying INtervention, social emotional regulation, Zones of regulation, pbis.

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Dee DiGioia, Speaker at Riverside CA conference on bullying


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