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Mindful Kindful YOUniversity school programs provide a rich experience for students and staff through learning and engaging in evidence-based practices of trauma informed, mindfulness-based social-emotional learning to support social, mental, and physical health and well-being, laying the foundation to succeed in school and in life.

After working with youth for nearly 40 years, including special education, Dee DiGioia founded Mindful Kindful YOUniversity to offer programs intentionally designed to address the challenges youth, and adults, face in school, and in life, which interfere with learning/working, relationships, and mental well-being.

These challenges include:

      • managing difficult emotions (such as stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, anger)

      • distraction, impulse control, difficulty focusing;

      • and social-relational challenges.

Our schools simply do not have enough resources to effectively address all the ranges of social, emotional, and mental health needs, which have become exacerbated by the global pandemic experience, however any program such as Mindful Kindful YOUniversity can help make a significant difference. It already has through group and individualized programs with children of all ages and adults.

Through our programs, students experience resilience and a sense of mastery as they explore and develop the foundational skills for emotional intelligence (“sm’heart” skills) to flourish socially & emotionally. It’s the essential education for responding more skillfully to life in the 21st Century!

Mindfulness offers evidence based prevention and intervention approaches in a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) in schools.

A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a framework designed to address academic, behavioral, and social-emotional learning in a fully integrated system of support in schools.  MK YOU offers school program options for Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Mindfulness provides a foundation for education because it contributes to optimal conditions for learning and for teaching! 

Many of our children in school are not in the state of mind to absorb learning because they are in a chronic state of stress. MK YOU programs are designed to address the challenges youth, and educators, face in school, and in life, which interfere with learning/work, relationships, and mental well-being. Marc Brackett, director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence says “The neural pathways in the brain that deal with stress are the same ones that are used for learning. Schools are realizing that they have to help kids understand their feelings and manage them effectively. We, as a country, want our kids to achieve more academically, but we can’t do this if our kids aren’t emotionally healthy.”  

Learn, practice, & grow skillfully with us! 

Explore the range of options for a program which can be customized to meet your classroom or school’s needs. 

Explore the range of options for a program which can be customized to meet your staff and/or parent’s needs.

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“I loved Class 1 (on what is mindfulness, stillness, mindful body awareness) because it’s so obvious my kids NEED this. I loved Class 3 (on the Zones and Emotions) because I see the great need for kids to have a vocabulary to express and ID their emotions. I loved all the tools they can add to their SEL bag of tricks. I feel teaching all of this to kids is invaluable, as in if we in school don’t teach it (the language, the strategies, etc.) how many kids will have poor coping skills in an anxiety ridden world? THANK YOU for all your time and passion invested into making this happen- so hopeful PTO keeps it going!” ~ CL, Shell Beach Elementary

“Miss Dee is fabulous & the students have clearly benefited greatly from these lessons!! The lessons were engaging for all students with lots of movement involved. My students loved the puppets and other props used in each lesson. Mindfulness empowers students with strategies for communication, expressing feelings, and coping with stress and other life challenges. Very important for every day life! The breathing and listening (bell chime) lessons were especially powerful! We need more lessons!” ~ SG, Kindergarten Teacher, Shell Beach Elementary (MK YOU School-wide Program)


Invest in a trained specialist!

“Compassion Circles” pilot program, Folsom Middle School, CA – practicing mindfulness

Although many schools are showing interest in bringing mindfulness to their schools, school budgetary restraints are always a factor when considering adding programs. A common response may be to have classroom teachers be responsible for implementing and maintaining a program rather than investing in a trained and qualified professional from the start. Cutting corners to save on dollars can be setting a program up for failure because the program will likely be ineffective when there is not enough value placed on it, and in the long run, it costs the school more in dollars and time invested. If you are going to invest, go with the best ~ start your program off under the guidance of a trained and certified professional. Be creative in securing funding for your school mindfulness program (grants, donors, PTA, fundraising) !

“The inclusion of a skilled mindfulness facilitator made a huge difference on our sites. When I first arrived at St. HOPE I was not deeply familiar with the approach {of mindfulness} and so did not appreciate the impact it has on supporting a caring and safe environment for students, or how much positive difference it would make in the culture of respect and attention. I can only say that I was sufficiently impressed with Ms. DiGioia’s process and program that I not only emphatically encouraged and endorsed her efforts but have taken it to the next level by pursuing training for myself and other department staff so we can continue what she began here…” ~Dr. Karen Romito, Director of Special Education, St. HOPE, Sacramento, CA

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I would be honored to be your guide and mindfulness mentor.

Learn more about my journey and qualifications.

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