“Peace Pals” San Luis Obispo Registration

On this page: REGISTRATION + DETAILS for San Luis Obispo (SLO) area.

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“Peace Pals” is aka “Dragonfly Circles” or “The Mindful Kindful Peaceful Club”


for Peace Pals Program in San Luis Obispo: 



“Peace Pals” is geared for ages 7 thru 11 ~ for locals and visitors!

“Peace Pals” is ideal for children who may be described as “shy,” “anxious,” easily overwhelmed, and/or may be tentative or reluctant to speak or share in a group setting, but over time becomes comfortable. Perhaps this child also has challenges in emotional-regulation with friends and family (big emotions), but generally holds it together in classroom or group settings. Our class is also ideal for the child who is “easy going” and loves to learn and share ideas. This child is likely a strong role model and “leader” who will contribute to a safe, supportive, and accepting “community” in our classes. Children who join our classes are expected to follow directions and participate well in a group learning environment, and commit to being heart-centered and practice non-violence in words and actions.
NOTE: Does your child have high “always on the move” energy? Challenges with self-regulation and impulse control in a group learning environment? Obsessed with video gaming? Please consider our Dragonfly Personal Coaching. We also have similar Teen/Tween classes



Our class dates and locations can also be viewed on our Calendar.



Learn about our other locations for Peace Pals in SLO and South County or consider Personal Coaching which is a great alternative when the times or locations of our community classes do not work for you, or when a more individualized approach may be beneficial to address a child or teen’s specific areas of challenge, including, but not limited to anxiety, stress, anger, impulsive tendencies, and social challenges.  We also have similar Teen classes


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*Referral incentives: For every friend that registers for a set of 4 classes (and mentions your name), get one class free!


Two steps!

1-Fill out form at top of page >>> 2-Send payment to complete the registration:

Paypal ~ https://www.paypal.me/deedigioia

Refer to rates in box above;

*If you are seeking Inspire funds, please notify me by so I can reserve a spot for your child.

Please let me know if you need help with registration process.



What do we bring?

The following are suggested for your child’s comfort:

  • Yoga mat
  • Water bottle

Do parents stay or go?

Parents are welcome to drop-off their child and return at the end of class to sign out. Parents are also welcome to observe quietly. 

Staying or going depends on your child and the other children in the class. If your child needs help adjusting you are welcome to sit with him/her with the goal to eventually be independent. Some students do better with adults around, and others do not. If you need help deciding, let me know!


Questions? Email Dee DiGioia

or text/call 805-270-5523

Learn more about Dee DiGioiaCertified Mindfulness, Yoga, & Life Skills Coach