The Heart of Mindfulness for Youth Week

November 3-9, 2018 ~ 2nd annual global event


In 2017 I launched a global campaign initiative and invited mindfulness educators from around the world to celebrate the first annual “The HEART of Mindfulness for Youth Week”.  In 2018 we will celebrate around the globe and locally, on the Central Coast of California, the week of November 3-9. 

“The HEART of Mindfulness for Youth Week” is an international collaboration of mindfulness educators to raise awareness on the benefits of mindfulness programs in schools and youth groups in our local communities.

Although it is an international event, each local chapter will plan their own ways of celebrating in their schools and communities annually. Those who will be leading these events have their hearts burning with passion for sharing mindfulness with others. We are teachers, school psychologists, counselors, mental health professionals, school administrators, mothers, fathers, friends, yoga instructors, music/art teachers, and more ~~ we are one collective heartbeat of folks who are training or have been trained and certified in teaching mindfulness specific to education and youth. Our goal is to raise awareness on how evidence-based practices of mindfulness are an essential component in education and in our lives.

Some of the ways Mindful Kindful YOUniversity will be celebrating in San Luis Obispo County 2018:

HOST an MK YOU event:

If you would like to host an event in 2018, please contact me!!! 

  • Host a Film Screening of May I Be Happy: Mindfulness in the Classroom and Beyond to help raise awareness and begin the conversations in how to get a mindfulness program in your school or community.
  • Host a FREE Custom Workshop/Guest speaker. Last year I presented workshops for: (1) a classroom at Nipomo High School, (2) the California Conservation Corps,  (3) for parents and educators (open to the public) at Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School, (4) for Parents Helping Parents (of special needs children), and (5) for staff at Shell Beach Elementary. The workshop can be geared for youth in elementary, middle, or high school OR for parents, educators, or the work-place. It can also address special interest groups. The ideas are endless!

We have 2 private workshops scheduled for One Cool Earth in SLO (Staff Development Workshop) and for Nipomo HIgh School (classroom workshops).

“Dee visited my high school students today and made an amazing connection with them.  I have guest speakers in my CTE classes quite often, but she engaged the students in a way that none of my prior guests have done.  Dee’s presentation on Mindfulness was very well-prepared and engaging for the students, and full of visuals and interactions that connected perfectly with the students.  While brief enough to fit into a class period, it was just the right amount of knowledge to pique the students’ interests towards a practice that can benefit them (and anybody) tremendously.  We know that our students are exposed to numerous stressors at school and at home, but we do very little as a school to address this, or to give them the tools they need to deal with these stressors.  From Dee’s presentation, it is clear that the practice of Mindfulness is a much needed tool for our students and staff alike.  Kudos to Dee for her effort to help these students and others that she is reaching through “Mindful Kindful YOUniversity.”  While mindfulness can sometimes be a difficult practice for the beginner, Dee’s approach was interesting and easy enough for the students to grasp.  I highly recommend that other schools and organizations consider her mindfulness program.  As a teacher she is very much in touch with the challenges that students and others face in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society.” ~ Kurt Lindgren, Nipomo High School


MINDFULNESS EDUCATORS AROUND THE WORLD: If you are a mindfulness teacher or will be participating in leading activities for “The HEART of Mindfulness for Youth Week 2018” be sure to join our FB group to share ideas and suggestions for making your event successful! Last year we had folks celebrating around our country as well as in Australia and Dubai! In my own efforts to launch mindfulness programs on the Central Coast of California after leaving my role in special education in the public schools, I made a decision to launch this global campaign initiative to have the support of like-minded mindfulness educators around the world (whom I have met via my training/certification through Mindful Schools) to help with the planning stages and sharing of ideas. 


Here is something I wrote up following my first annual “The Heart of Mindfulness for Youth Week 2017”: 

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Mindful Kindful YOUniversity was founded to address the challenges youth face in school and in life, which interfere with learning, relationships, and mental well-being, such as:

  • stress, overwhelm;
  • self-awareness;
  • distraction, impulse control, difficulty focusing;
  • bullying and social issues;
  • and difficult emotions — anger, anxiety, depression, etc.

MK YOU equips and teaches children, teens, and adults HOW to cultivate the inner resources, or “superpowers” for reducing stress and experiencing more balance, resilience, and over-all well-being by integrating evidence-based strategies and practices of mindfulness, movement & yoga, and social emotional learning to develop the essential life skills of emotional intelligence, or “Sm’Heart skills” — the essential education for responding more skillfully to life in the 21st Century!

These positive experiences will transform, not only inner peace and happiness, but also our social dynamics at school, at home, at work, and in the community! These are skills for life!

“Sm’Heart Skills”: your inner resources for resilience and well-being!



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Dee DiGioia (di JOY uh) ~ Certified Mindfulness & Well-Being Life Skills Coach

Served youth for 30+ years, including those with social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and communication challenges in my roles as a Speech-Language Therapist, Autism Movement Therapist, Preschool Director, Bullying Intervention Specialist, Author, and more. Founded “Caring and Courageous Kids” in 2009 (bullying intervention), and founded “Mindful Kindful YOUniversity” in 2017. Pioneered a mindfulness program for K-5 classrooms at an inner city charter school in Sacramento, CA, and am developing youth and adult programs where I now live on the Central Coast of CA. Made a decision to follow my own advice for well-being by leaving the stresses and challenges of working in special education in the public school setting. Following my heart and calling to share mindfulness and well-being programs to address the challenges youth (and adults) face in school and in life, which interfere with learning, relationships, and mental well-being. I believe mindfulness is the missing piece (and peace) in education and am bringing my vision to fruition! I am grateful to have the experiences and resources to share the wisdom, science, and evidence-based practices of mindfulness and more, which have proven over and over to lead to greater resilience, more joy, and peace in life.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or inquiries!

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