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Is Your Story Making You Sick?


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Mindful Kindful YOUniversity 1520 4th Street, Los Osos, CA

This Feature Length Documentary (90 min) will be followed by a discussion facilitated by Dee DiGioia, founder of “Mindful Kindful YOUniversity.” Learn about our resources and upcoming well-being series and retreats. Due to the nature and length of the documentary film children under 16 should not attend the screening. 


#BehindTheStory from The filming of “Is Your Story Making You Sick?” Change your story. Change your world.

Is Your Story Making You Sick? is an award winning Feature Length Documentary (90 min) by Frances Causey about an innovative approach to healing. Many have found the film to be a powerful tool to share a message of recovery, healing, and hope.

The film shows how people can rewrite the toxic stories they tell themselves. The film reveals how individuals battling addiction, trauma, and depression can change their stories and transcend their pain.

Learn from decades of experience as leading experts in addiction treatment, trauma, and mindfulness give scientific, evidence-based explanations for the transformations we see on screen. Experts include Ellen Langer, Gabor Maté, Dan Siegel, and others.

Moving Character Stories: The eight participants in the film were tired of living the way they were living. They were tired of living their lives through the lens of their past story and suffering; and tired of feeling disempowered and trapped in a box. Watch them find a way out.

Director Frances Causey is an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist with 15 years experience as a Senior Producer at CNN and previous work hailed as a New York Times Critic’s Pick.

“This film explores the deeper causes of sickness beyond what is traditionally recognized in western medicine.” ~Ellen Langer

“This film dramatically shows that illness is a product of our experience and how we interpret it.” ~Gabor Maté

“People can change their lives by freeing themselves from narratives that are literally making them sick.” ~Dan Siegel

“This film shows how the belief that drugs hijack one’s brain and creates an addiction ignores the real causes of their distress.” ~Carl Hart

“Witnessing the journey of other traumatized adults traveling their journey to heal was a beautiful experience to share with others in a warm, welcoming environment. Much gratitude for sharing.” ~Elaine Elmore
“Watching the transformation of each individual in the film was inspiring. It was interesting to hear the experts in each field explain the effects of trauma, as well as the potential for healing.” ~C.L.
“The screening was really eye opening and it was amazing to see these 8 strangers who came together change into a support system for each other. Thank you for sharing this and I’m grateful I came to CA at the time you offered it.” ~L. Hinsley

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  • Sunday, November 10, 2019

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