Parenting Without Power Struggles

Dear Parents ~ I recently discovered Susan Stiffleman’s work when I listened to a webinar on the topic of the Highly Sensitive Child. She has some great parenting programs. If you are interested in signing up for any of her online programs, please sign up using the links below.

When you register with the affiliate links below, MK YOU is rewarded with a percentage of the cost to support our youth programs! 

Keep your parenting cool,

end the power struggles,

and stay calmly and lovingly in charge!

Below are two current affiliate links:

1 – Slow Tech Parenting Master Class

Do you and your kids regularly argue about screen time?

Does technology seem to dominate the activities in your household?

Do you wish you could slow things down and restore more balance to your family’s life?

Slow Tech Parents create routines, rituals, and habits that integrate technology into daily life without compromising human connection and engagement with the real world. This session will offer practical guidelines for helping you and  your children embrace technology with intention and purpose so that it can be enjoyed in healthy, balanced ways.

Learn more and register via this > AFFILIATE LINK <

2 – Parenting Without Power Struggles Membership

Are you tired of arguing, negotiating, bribing or threatening to get your kids to cooperate?

The Parenting Without Power Struggles Monthly Membership Program
will help you have more fun…and fewer power struggles!

Learn more and register via this > AFFILIATE LINK <

When you register with this link, MK YOU is rewarded with a percentage of the cost to support our youth programs!

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